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Our experienced team has worked with both Canadian and International law firms to provide investigative solutions for pre-trial litigations, corporate and commercial law, employment and labour law, family and estate law and intellectual property and trademark law. 


Our areas of expertise include, however are not limited to:

  • Discreet mobile + stationary surveillance

  • Interviews + inquiries

  • Witness locates + statements

  • Slip & fall • Pre-trial support

  • Due diligence background research

  • Skip traces

  • Employee activity verification

  • WSIB + disability claims verification

  • Due diligence research + analysis

  • Executive and vital employee profiles

  • Counterfeit + piracy investigations

  • Copyright + patent Investigations

  • Mareva injunctions + anton pillar orders

  • Name + mark usage investigations

  • Family law disputes

  • Estate litigation

  • Forensic paternity (DNA testing)

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