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Our team of investigators will assist in both Property & Casualty and Life & Health Disability Insurers with assessing the value of their claims. We will work closely and diligently with Claims Examiners, SIU Units and Legal Advisors to provide comprehensive investigative solutions to obtain an accurate settlement decision. Our team adheres to strict industry guidelines, high internal standards and are PIPEDA compliant. 

Our services include, however are not limited to: 

  • Discreet mobile + stationary surveillance

  • Video + photographic evidence

  • Property, casualty and risk management

  • Life + health claims investigations

  • Slip & fall

  • Litigation + pre-trial support

  • Corporate investigations

  • Intellectual property investigation

  • Neighbourhood inquires

  • Activity + background checks

  • Background investigations

  • Open source Intelligence (OSINT)

  • Social media monitoring

  • Statement preparation

  • Witness interviews + location

  • Skip tracing/locate

  • Security services for:

- Fire post loss & site continuity

- Fire watch

- Pipeline monitoring

- Long term site

- Catastrophic event response

- Mobile security response

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